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 reasonable crop of models and flyers turned up for the North West Region Fly-in at the Academy flying site. Many thanks to the BMFA NW Region officials and Academy members who made the day a success.

Roy Lever and JJ get the Harpoon ready for an exhilarating flight…….

….as it lifts off smoothly….

This superb one-third scale Chipmunk was built and flown by Ken Hulmes of the Sale MFC. The model is now three years old. It took Ken 2 years to build and is powered by a Quadra 75

Andy Rigby’s third scale Extra 330 demonstrates knife-edge flying. Powered by a 3W70 this model gave a first class dispay of aerobatics. Andy is also a member of the Shevington club


Operating from a private flying field in North Manchester the Academy has excellent  facilities for all types of fixed wing model aircraft, including  jets, as well as a providing a relaxing atmosphere for the occassional game of bowls

……watched by an expectant crowd….

….and races into the great grey yonder

10 year old Ashley Smith from the Shevington Club recovering his Cougar 2000 from the landing strip, after an excellent flight. Ashley is one of the youngest flyers to be seen on the Academy flying field. He only took up flying this year, starting with a Radio Queen, and he says his next model is a CAP 232

Making its second appearance at a BMFA NW region fly-in this Flair Puppeteer gave a nice demonstration of relaxed flying

A Harpoon turbo jet on a low pass across the Academy flying field

We have a group of pilots with “A” and “B” certificates who can help new modellers become proficient flyers. The grass field is well away from any major settlements, and there are no flying restrictions, although we normally fly on Wednesday evening in Summer, and on Sundays and Bank Holidays throughout the year. We have instructors who will give one to one tuition at other times if that is more convenient (Basically they just like flying at any time!)

The Academy is a showcase for Megamodels, and as well as providing instruction the academy flyers have branched out into some unusual projects


In 1991 Frank and Allan Anslow along with Brian Heyes embarked on a project to build a 1/10th scale Vulcan bomber. The extensive construction programme took several hundred man hours to complete and the basic airframe was completed some two years later. The choice of engines, their configuration and complex fuelling system, proved more difficult than originally thought.

The model remained a non flying static Vulcan until 1996, when a team of enthusiastic aero modellers from the “Roy Lever Flying Academy” decided to pursue the initial challenge. The powerplants chosen were four Z-24 Pulse jets each generating 10lbs thrust. After many trials, setbacks and different approaches a unique fuelling system was developed, allowing the four pulse jets to be installed into one model, something which has never been attempted before in aero modelling.


Scale: 1:11

Wingspan: 3.20m

Length: 3.00m

Weight: 31kg

Engines: 4xPowermax/Zanin Z-24, developing 15lbs thrust each

Radio link: Two Multiplex Profi 4000 and one Merlin Auto Parachute Fail-Safe System. This deploys a 6ft. diameter parachute automatically or manually. Located on the centre of gravity are two web straps to which the parachute harness is attached, then stored under the canopy, which is released automatically in case of battery failure, more than 50% interference or servo failure. Engine shut-off can be automatic or manual. Twelve servos on only three flying surfaces i.e. elevons and rudder, using electronic mixing.