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We do not just sell cars. We take buyers through every stage of radio installation, engine operation, and set-up. We test run all car i.c. engines once the model has been completed and give every help we can to modellers.

Shown here are a small selection of Land vehicles we stock. Check out our On Line Shop for more models to buy now

The Hyper 7 is equally at home at either the race track or if you are just blasting round with your mates. It’s powerful Hyper 21 engine is more than capable of producing the sort of power that most can only dream of handling and is perfect for play and all but the most competitive local races. If you like you can either take an assembled or unassembled version and choose an alternative engine.

With trick purple anodised chassis components, a full range of option parts available and a specification that can be competitive at the highest level, the Hyper 7 is well worth a look.

Already a proven A-finalist, keep a look out for the Hyper 7 on the winners podium.

Spec Check:
• Racing tank with double filter system
• Special fuel splash shield to protect brakes
• Front dust shield with “C” hub suspension
• Aluminium steering blocks
• Waterproof radio and battery box for flat or hump pack batteries
• Front “CVA” driveshafts with optional rear “CVA” shafts available
• Fully adjustable front and rear suspension points
• Three differential with steel gearing
• Small profile quick access gearbox
• Full ball bearings
• Easy adjust rear toe-in, camber and castor
• Thick 3.2mm hard coated chassis with side guards
• Large oil filled shocks with dust guards
• Steel spur gear
• Unassembled or 90% pre-assembled versions

All for ONLY �599

Is the G4 Black Magic the ultimate 1:10 Nitro Touring Car? This 200mm beauty features an ultra low centre of gravity; even the throttle servo is mounted to the chassis. Available with or without a Picco engine, each kit comes complete with a PROTOform bodyshell.

All for ONLY �500

We hold in stock a full range of I.C. engines for all the ranges of road vehicles we carry.

For engine replacements and upgrades we will help with installation and testing to make sure a perfect result is achieved

The 1/8th Bigfoot really does put the ‘Monster’ into ‘Monster Truck’. Its huge wheels and tyres dwarf any of its lesser rivals and mean it can cope with even the most rugged terrain.
The Monster Truck comes fitted with one of the most powerful and reliable engines available, in the form of the Hyper .21 pullstart. Also included is a tuned pipe and manifold making this truck not only an awesome off-roader, but also extremely quick in a straight line. You have been warned!

• Front and rear anti-rollbars
• Tuned pipe and manifold
• Sealed receiver and battery box 
• Front CVA Driveshafts
• Fully ballraced 
• Blue anodised aluminium chassis components
• Chassis dirt guards
• Oil filled aluminium shock absorbers 
• 3-geared differentials
• Adjustable engine mounts
• Front and rear chassis braces 
• Steel disc brakes
• Hyper .21 pull start engine
• Fully adjustable suspension
• 90% pre-assembled
• Optional extras available

The Pirate Bigfoot Monster Truck from Megamodels at only �379.99

The Pirate 10 is  one of the most exciting r/c off-road buggies to hit the shops With all the emphasis on FUN, this is the ultimate off-roader, capable of massive airtime, awesome straight line speed and its got good looks. At only �210 it represents fantastic value for money with its many extra features. It even comes with a rapid .15 size pull start engine and arrives 90% pre-assembled!
• Fibre brake disc
• Muffler
• Pre-cut bodyshell 
• Rear anti-roll bar
• Fully ballraced 
• Blue anodised aluminium chassis components
• Chassis dirt guards
• Oil filled shock absorbers 
• 3-geared differentials
• Telescopic sliding driveshafts
• Full selection of Evolution parts 
• Parts available
• .15 pull start engine with blue/red/purple heatsink head
• 90% pre-assembled
• Tuned pipe and manifold
• Vented brake disc
• .15 rear exhaust pull start engine 
• Front CVA universal driveshafts
• Aluminium centre drive
• Blue anodised aluminium shocks

A novel R/C project this all metal kit builds into a super scale racing bike for only �499

Subaru – Including radio, engine and 1/2 gallon of fuel. Almost ready to go �240

DT10 Off Roader – Including radio, engine and 1/2 gallon of fuel. Almost ready to go �245

The new Nissan Skyline features in-paint stickers. Performance is meteoric with itsThunder Tiger TS4, Twin-speed gear box, Ferodo discs and performance tyres.

All for an exceptional price of only �279