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As one of the pioneers of large model aircraft we have always had a great interest in developing and flying large models. As well as our own designs we stock the Hanger 9, Great planes and Flair ranges of large scale models, which are all built to very high quality standards.

Modern large models are well designed and built, and in many cases easier to fly than smaller versions of the same plane. Petrol engines and on-board glow systems have made power plants for these planes much more reliable, and when fitted with PCM or DS-IPD radio safety is also much improved

As well as having Giant Scale Extras in stock, we have the only example of the Hanger 9 46% Ultimate Biplane in the UK

We always have a selection of ready built large scale models in the shop, as well as a full range of kits. We carry a comprehensive selection of accessories for large scale, all of which we have tested in our own planes, and have a very large stock of High Torque and Hi-Speed servos to cope with all large models and jets



Great Planes Fokker DR-1

60″ span with an all up weight of around 9 lbs, this will fly well with a 90 four stroke engine. With its extremely light airframe, the Fokker Dr. 1 requires less engine power for successful surfaced runway or grass field takeoffs. Lift from the three flat-bottom airfoils increases stability and allows realistic, slow landing speeds.

A lot of model for only �299.99

Great Planes Shoestring Pylon Racer

This Quarter Scale pylon racer will not break the bank at only �199.99. A small homebuilt racer first seen in the 1940s, the Shoestring has since become a classic. Its simplicity made it a favourite with builders…its manoeuverability appealed to fun-loving pilots. Those same qualities make the Great Planes Shoestring a standout among R/C models. With its top-quality ARF construction, the Shoestring offers easy 14-20 hour assembly, exciting aerobatics — and a distinctive look like few other models at the flight line.

Great Planes Ryan STA-M

82″ span with an all up weight of around 11 lbs, this will fly nicely with a 90 or 120 four stroke engine. Only the finest materials and construction methods have gone into this Ryan STA-M model: a built-up wood framework, sheeted fuselage, fibreglass cowl and wheel pants, Top Flite MonoKote covering and a generous package of quality Great Planes hardware.

Excellent value at �299.99

Great Planes SpaceWalker

79″ span with an all up weight of less than 9 lbs, all for less than �225. The SpaceWalker builds straight and strong, and comes with genuine MonoKote covering already applied. ABS wheel pants and one-piece cowl, all pre-painted to match the color of the film, are included in the generous hardware and accessory package to enhance the plane’s sport-scale appearance, and the authentic heavy-duty steel landing gear has been factory-welded to endure less-than-perfect touchdowns as well as speed up assembly.


96 inch span Pathfinder version of the Mosquito complete with Saito 120 FS engines. The retracts were specially engineered for this model to give scale appearance and excellent performance on all surfaces

Pure Class for �1,999

Mosquito retracts


100 inch span ARTF. Everything is pre-assembled and pre-covered. This high quality kit can be supplied with a fittings Pack for JR or Futaba radio and services.

The example of this flying at the Academy is fitted with a Moki 75 cc engine which gives it unlimited performance (shame the pilot isn’t as good!)

Another HANGER 9 Kit the Clipped Wing TaylorCraft

86 inch span ARTF. The wing chord on this model is massive, and the semi-

symetrical wing section makes this an ideal introduction into large scale models. The all up weight of this plane is less than 15 lbs, and it will fly well on a 120 four stroke

Ready built Stinson from the TopFlite Gold Series Kit.

Finished in USAF colours and fitted with a Saito engine this is outstanding value at only �850