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Megamodels become UK Agents for AvioMac large model engines

Aviomac specialises in large model aircraft engines suitable for giant-scale aircraft. The company has been making large model engines
for over 25 years. Thanks to the 3-D CAD/CAM designs, the careful choice of raw materials used and high quality CNC machining capabilities, we can really say that Aviomac engines are an excellent choice for model makers. The range runs from 35cc single-cylinder to 240cc six cylinder boxer, with plans for a 500cc twin in 2004. Megamodels pioneered high capacity petrol engines in the late 1970’s with their Lancaster powered by four 60cc petrol engines, and have watched developments closely ever since

Cylinder heads being manufactured at the AvioMac factory

The whole range is covered by a 3-Year warranty, and full spares back up is available. All crankshafts are machined from
solid steel stock, and all ballraces are aerospace grade. All the engines from 70 cc upward use dual-ring pistons to improve the life
of the engines. Well proven Walbro carburettors are used throughout the range. All the multi-cylinder engines have a choice of
magneto ignition with Easy -Start or Solid-state electronic ignition for the easiest starting large engines around.

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The Boss – Mr Aviomac – Maurizo Righelti with one of his  
4-cylinder 250cc engines

Machined 4-cylinder crankcases waiting for final assembly
at the impressive Aviomac factory

35cc Single Cylinder GLOW

Displacement: 32,7cc (1,99 cu in)
Weight without ignition: 3,55 lb (1,6 Kg) W/muffler
Performance: 6000 RPM with 18/10 (3.6 Hp)

Excellent value at �175

42cc Single Cylinder Petrol

Displacement: 43cc (2,62 cu in)
Weight without ignition: 3,55 lb (1,6 Kg)
Performance: 7700 RPM with 18/10

Supplied with electronic ignition which is really easy
and powerful and it creates immediate ignition
without the aid of the easy starter.

Excellent value at �299

42cc Single Cylinder Glow

Displacement: 43cc (2,62 cu in)
Weight without ignition: 3,55 lb (1,6 Kg)
Performance: 8000 RPM with 18/10

The glow version of this engine is slightly more powerful than
the petrol version, however running costs are higher
with glow fuel than with petrol.

Brilliantly priced at �249


Displacement: 66,7cc (4,07 cu in)
Weight without ignition: 5.17 lb (2,33 Kg)
Performance: 7300 RPM with 22/10 (6.5 Hp)

This is a 70cc 2-Stroke Glow twin uses the “Boxer Style” system
with opposed cylinders that fire simultaneously
for more power, ideal balance and greatly reduced vibration levels

Only �449

70cc TWIN Petrol

Displacement: 66,7cc (4,07 cu in)
Weight without ignition: 5.17 lb (2,33 Kg)
Performance: 7150 RPM with 22/10 (6.5 Hp)

A choice of starting systems, either Magneto or electronic ignition
make this a very easy operation engine

Priced at only �525

85cc TWIN Petrol

Displacement: 85,8cc (5,24 cu in)
Weight without ignition: 6,00 lb (2,7 kg)
Performance: 6500 RPM with 28/6 (20Kg thrust), 6500 RPM with 24/10 (17Kg thrust), 5500 RPM with 26/10, 4800 RPM with 28/10 (8 Hp)

The 85cc engine’s great smooth running can be attributed to the roller bearing connecting rods and to the three aerospace quality ball bearing-supported crankshafts that create extremely low friction.

High quality engineering for �559

125cc TWIN Petrol

Displacement: 120,7cc (7,36 cu in)

Weight without ignition: 8,53 lb (3,84 Kg)
Performance: 6100 RPM with 26/10, 5400 RPM with 28/10,
4800 RPM with 30/10 (20Kg thrust) 10 Hp

The 125 twin gas is the most powerful twin cylinder in the AvioMac range.

The impeccable fit between the two chromium-plated cylinders and
the dual-ringed pistons produces maximum power and guarantees
long life and high performances.

The IDM magnetic ignition system , synonymous with great reliability,
together with the Easy Starter guarantee an immediate start
with little effort.

Top power for only �725

160cc Four cylinder Petrol

Displacement: 148cc (9,03 cu in)
Weight without ignition: 10,84 lb (4,88 Kg)
Performance: 6500 RPM with 28/10 (15 Hp)

This 4-cylinder boxer with twin carbs combines high power with light weight, and exceptionally low vibration levels

A winning combination for �1,299

250ccFour cylinder Petrol

Displacement: 241,3cc (14,72 cu in)
Weight without ignition: 15,97 lb (7,19 Kg)
Performance: 6550 RPM with 28/12 (30 Kg thrust),
6000 RPM with 30/10 (30Kg thrust), 5100 RPM with 32/10 (31Kg thrust) 21 Hp

The most powerful of the AvioMac 4 cylinder engines, it has no problems
swinging a 32″ prop at over 5,100 rpm developing 32Kg of thrust in the process

A load of power for �1,525

240cc Six-cylinder Petrol

Displacement: 222cc (13,55 cu in)
Weight without ignition: 14,44 lb (6,5 Kg)
Performance: 5500rpm with 32 x 10, 22hp

The 240cc SIX “Boxer Style” system with opposed cylinders.
It’s a mechanical jewel, extremely compact and super-powerful. Triple  Walbro carburettors control each pair of cylinders

This engine’s smooth running is incomparable, and its low weight and high power output mean the engine is  destined for real motor experts.

Top of the range for  �2,350