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We keep a full range of engines in stock from a variety of manufacturers. From the new budget priced Evolution 46, complete with 3-bladed prop and spinner for only �70, up to 5-cylinder radials we will have the engine for you. And we do not restrict ourselves to just plane engines. We have a selection of water-cooled boat engines, and high performance car engines.
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Evolution Engines

Featured here is the brilliant Evolution 46 2-stroke. Supplied complete with 3-bladed prop for quieter operation, and a 3-blade spinner this engine is terrific value for money. The engines have some very unusual features including idle and main mix limiters, and a flywheel to enhance low speed running. Although promoted as ideal for trainers, when the factory supplied prop is changed for a 10 x 7 3-blade Master or 11 x 6 2-blade performance is ballistic. They are quiet, reliable and easy to start, and have become an instant hit with the Academy Flyers.

The new 0.60 version is now available ex-stock from our on-line shop

Catering for the growing demand for large scale models we keep in stock engines such as this 75cc flat twin petrol engine with electronic start – no more prop swinging with this engine

RCV Engines

As an authorised stockist for RCV we keep a full range in stock, along with accessories to complement the engines. We also stock a wide range of large diameter propellors from Aviomac (up to 32″) and APS ( up to 24″)

For more information on RCV engines click on the logo

Irvine Engines
These 2-stroke engines are very popular, offering excellent power at a reasonable cost.

They are very quiet and normally run straight from the box without any “tweaking”

OS Engines
Some of the best model engines in the world are manufactured by OS, who have an enviable reputation for quality and reliablity. Built up to a quality level and not down to a price OS Engines will give many years quality service

Is this the model engine Rolls Royce would make if they could?

Saito 120FS Gold Top with black anodised casting, this is probably the ultimate 4-stroke engine to add a touch of class to your model

We may well be tho only model shop in the UK to keep all Saito multi-cylinder engines in stock. Check out our on-line shop for pricing information

Car engines

We keep a full range of car engines in stock from manufacturers such as Thunder Tiger and OS. Check our current availability in our on-line shop